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Cylindrical Battery Pack Cells

Cylindrical Cell Battery Packs

When it comes to choosing the cylindrical cells to power your battery pack there will be a few options to select from. The right battery configuration can make a big difference to the performance of the end product and provide OEMs with a competitive advantage, making this decision crucial. The role of the battery pack manufacturer is to understand the product and the influencing factors of its intended application, and then select the battery cells that provide the best functionality to that application.

Types of Cylindrical Battery Cells

Gaining significant popularity throughout the early 2000ÔÇÖs, the 18650 cell is found in a variety of applications; from consumer electronics (laptops, cameras, flashlights) to power tools and early models of electric vehicles. The 18650 battery gained popularity for several reasons: it was widely accessible, highly durable, and provided battery packs with a high energy density.

ABT Custom Battery Pack

In 2015 the 21700 cell was introduced, solving many of the short comings of the 18650. Providing a higher energy density, improved thermal management and a longer lifecycle, the 21700 became the go-to cell for battery pack manufacturers.

We recommend the 21700 battery cell for the majority of our projects. However, in cases when the OEM chooses to use 18650 cells, we have the expertise to accommodate this or any other cell. Whichever cells we use in our packs, the desired outcome is always the same; optimise the performance of the custom battery pack for the intended application and support our customers to develop market-leading products  that out-perform  their competitors and drive end-user satisfaction.

High-Quality Cylindrical Cell Battery Packs

With careful supply chain consideration, world-class facilities and lean manufacturing processes, we build quality into every stage of battery pack development. Our aim is to design and manufacture reliable and high-performance battery packs at competitive prices. We take time to specify the perfect components to each battery pack design, and this includes which battery cell suits the application best. Our are manufactured under stringent quality control processes and standards. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 custom battery pack manufacturer, we work with OEMs to ensure all custom BMS meet regulatory requirements.

Our Process

With over 40 years of battery design experience, Alexander Battery Technologies offers a complete solution and rapid project management on every project for the design and manufacture of battery pack solutions.

Our Process - Your Proposal

Your Proposal

Our proposals are created to deliver detailed, carefully considered feedback to you and your team, allowing you to understand all aspects of the custom battery pack itself and the deliverables ABT will provide for you. We begin with the end in mind, addressing the Scope of Work, timeline, delivery milestones and any other services which will allow your entire team to make an informed decision. Our prep work is the foundation to a quick and smooth project.

Our Process Your Project

Your Project

We are proud of every project we are awarded. Our team, headed by a dedicated project manager, develops your custom battery pack design from concept through to manufacturing. Working collaboratively with your team, we work through DFMEA, drawings, PFMEA, PPAP submissions, sampling, tooling, battery certifications and approvals, testing, supply chain and manufacturing ramp-up.

Our Process - Your Product

Your Product

Our robust manufacturing operations provide you with reliable and repeatable battery products. We deliver on-time and provide the flexibility of component and finished goods stock holding where required.

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