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Together, for everyone’s future

We work together with you, our suppliers and customers, to bring about positive change. We recognise that our sentiment ‘do no harm’ sets us off in a positive direction. Today, we’re working hard across our business to create an organisation which has a net-positive impact on our colleagues, customers, suppliers and the wider community.


Climate Neutral by 2030

We have a clear goal to become a CO2 neutral company by 2030 or sooner and this will be rolled out as the business grows into new locations as well. The switch to in-house energy production and storage are important steps in achieving this as quickly as possible. Driving efficiency improvements in our manufacturing processes that go hand in hand with our production controls will support achieving this goal in the shortest possible time.

ABT inside

A Battery Business, Powered by Batteries

Alexander Battery Technologies is proud to have a business with a strong part to play in the fight to reduce emissions. The products we design and deliver replace carbon-emitting systems for some of our customers and help lead the energy revolution. It’s no surprise that we’re passionate about doing the same within our own business.

Solar panel installations in 2024 will significantly reduce our own carbon-footprint and make the business more energy independent and we will design and build our own energy storage system in 2024 to ensure we benefit 100% from this upgrade. Where applicable, company cars will all be fully electric.

Bike storage and charging facilities as well as on-site showering facilities have been added in 2023 to enable local employees to minimise car journeys to work, encourage less traffic from ABT’s business and supply an additional opportunity for greater health and fitness across the workforce.

Education & Community

We love manufacturing and believe it is our responsibility to champion manufacturing as a business within the communities we work in. We run engagement with eight local schools, work experience programs and we work hard to run long-term paid apprenticeships across the business. Not only does this benefit our young team members but it builds a strong foundation for the future of our business and makes traditional – and important – manufacturing roles visible at educational level.

Our gold award with the 5% Club for 2023-2024 recognises that ABT has at least 5% of our workforce engaged within “earn as you learn” schemes and confirms our commitment as a business to invest in apprentices.

Our next step will be to ensure that there is at least one apprentice represented in all departments in our business.

Fair Cooperation & Equal Opportunities

We’re committed to being an equal opportunity employer and providing a successful, caring, and welcoming place for all employees. We want to create a supportive and inclusive environment where our employees can reach their full potential, without prejudice and discrimination. We are committed to a culture where respect and understanding is embedded, and the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances will be positively valued.

Equality of opportunity and valuing diversity is to the benefit of all individuals sharing in our business as it seeks to develop the skills and abilities of its people within a truly meritocratic environment.

In 2023, 41% of our business is represented by women

including CFO Claire Brymer, compared to only 26% on average in British manufacturing.

Green Design & Recycling

We recognise that battery packs need to continue to become greener for a more sustainable future. As we design and manufacture larger battery packs for eMobility and storage applications we will use recyclable materials and low-emission options whenever it is possible to do so and make these options available to our customer base for every new project. Repairable battery products are the next challenge for us to overcome to reduce waste and scrap out in the field.

Today, we are partnered with European recycling partners to be able to offer our customers a clear and convenient option to recycle their packs at end of life.

We will go further than legislation as well and introduce the Battery Passport on all battery packs from 1st January 2025 so this is transparent to every user who receives a battery pack manufactured by Alexander Battery Technologies.

Accreditations & Compliance

2023: Our business is ISO9001 & ISO13485 accredited today.

2024: ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems) accreditation will be completed to better protect our environment.

2025: ISO45001 (Health & Safety Management) will be completed to better protect our team.

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