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Aerospace, Aviation & UAV Battery Pack Manufacturers

Powering The Future Of Aviation

When dealing with flight, high quality battery-powered equipment stands as a keystone of efficiency, reliability, and performance in the aviation industry. Whether manned or unmanned, the demand for robust and high-performance battery packs is paramount. Alexander Battery Technologies is a reliable Europe-based custom battery pack manufacturer for aerospace projects and applications including industrial and agricultural drones, military vehicles, delivery drones, and even EVTOL applications.


Reliable Aviation Battery Solutions

Maximum performance and product safety, super lightweight designs, active cooling technologies and innovative safety features are all at play when designing and manufacturing battery packs for aerial applications. That’s why Alexander Battery Technologies works closely with our customers to meticulously develop and manufacture custom battery packs for drones & other aerospace applications. Our solutions are engineered to meet the stringent requirements for aviation and UAVs, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in demanding flight conditions.

Key Highlights

  • Experienced design capabilities, with experience of aviation & UAV requirements and certifications.
  • 12 dedicated development laboratories for new battery project developments up to 800V and >100kWh.
  • Accreditations for IATF16949, ISO 14001, ISO45001, ISO27001 in process for 2024 to complement our existing ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditations.
  • IPG EV Flex automated laser-welding capabilities within our large manufacturing footprint in the UK.


Our Capabilities

At our dedicated facility, we have 12 dedicated development laboratories for new battery project developments for projects up to 800V and >100kWh. Our ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditations will be expanded by the end of 2024 to include ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001 and IATF16949. For portable pack sizes, we are able to produce approximately 100,000 certified battery packs per week of virtually any configuration using resistance welding, micro-tig welding or laser-welding depending on project demands.

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