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Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Your Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer

Designing, developing and manufacturing customised lithium-ion battery packs using a full range of battery chemistries, Alexander Battery Technologies delivers incredibly reliable battery packs for businesses in a wide range of industries. We use our experience from the last 40 years to listen to our customersÔÇÖ needs and deliver custom lithium-ion battery pack designs within weeks and months rather than months and years. The most popular chemistries we work with include; Li-Ion (NMC, NCA, MN, CO etc), LiFePO4 (LFP), Li-Polymer & LTO (Lithium titanium Oxide). We are not limited to these chemistries alone, we are continuing to work on growing our knowledge base further and expanding our capabilities to accommodate any custom battery pack request.

Trust, Transparency, Energy

We understand that awarding the production of a new custom lithium battery is a highly complex project for OEM customers, with a number of elements that need to be managed for your business. We bring trust, transparency and energy to each new relationship from the very first discussion. We help you to establish a fully-developed proposal and plan that takes you and every stakeholder in your team step-by-step from kick-off to mass production.

With over 40 years of battery design experience, Alexander Battery Technologies offers a complete solution and rapid project management on every project.

Our Process

With over 40 years of battery design experience, Alexander Battery Technologies offers a complete solution and rapid project management on every project for the design and manufacture of battery pack solutions.

Our Process - Your Proposal

Your Proposal

Our proposals are created to deliver detailed, carefully considered feedback to you and your team, allowing you to understand all aspects of the custom battery pack itself and the deliverables ABT will provide for you. We begin with the end in mind, addressing the Scope of Work, timeline, delivery milestones and any other services which will allow your entire team to make an informed decision. Our prep work is the foundation to a quick and smooth project.

Our Process Your Project

Your Project

We are proud of every project we are awarded. Our team, headed by a dedicated project manager, develops your custom battery pack design from concept through to manufacturing. Working collaboratively with your team, we work through DFMEA, drawings, PFMEA, PPAP submissions, sampling, tooling, battery certifications and approvals, testing, supply chain and manufacturing ramp-up.

Our Process - Your Product

Your Product

Our robust manufacturing operations provide you with reliable and repeatable battery products. We deliver on-time and provide the flexibility of component and finished goods stock holding where required.

How can we help with your battery pack development project?

Our proposal addresses every aspect of your project from design and sampling, through certification and approvals to volume production.

Our approach is designed to satisfy your stakeholders in Engineering, Purchasing, Quality, Supply Chain and Management.

Safety & reliability are built-in as standard, thanks to our proven design-to-manufacture processes and experienced design capabilities.

Our design expertise helps our customers to protect, control, communicate with and thermally manage their batteries where needed.


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