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Specialised & Industrial Power Tool Battery Pack Manufacturing

Battery Solutions For Demanding Applications

From Cordless Drills to Impact Drivers, Disc Cutters, and Torque Wrenches, the demand for robust and high-performance battery packs is underlined by the fact that the majority of power tool companies put the battery at the heart of their product strategy, typically aiming to use one or two battery models to power all of their tools. At ABT, we understand the critical importance of reliable power and fast charging in specialised and industrial power tools and are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of this rugged-environment market.

Specialised & Industrial Power Tools

Custom Batteries For Specialised & Industrial Power Devices

As a leading custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer with power tool customers, we pride ourselves on our high manufacturing standards and flexibility to address different application needs. Our experienced team leverages a range of cell solutions and electronics designs to deliver tailored battery packs that exceed expectations. Whether it’s optimising energy density for extended runtime or enhancing safety features for hazardous environments, our solutions are designed with reliability in mind.

Key Highlights

  • Experienced design capabilities, with experience of power tool requirements and certifications.
  • 12 dedicated development laboratories for new battery project developments up to 800V and >100kWh.
  • Electronics capabilities to develop the ideal safety, charging integration, data-logging and communications for next-gen power tool products.
  • Full collaboration from product design, through development and into production and logistics services, managed by a dedicated ABT project manager.

Specialised & Industrial Power Tools

Our Capabilities

At our dedicated facility, we have 12 dedicated development laboratories for new battery project developments for projects up to 800V and >100kWh. Our ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditations will be expanded by the end of 2024 to include ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001 and IATF16949. For portable pack sizes, we are able to produce approximately 100,000 certified battery packs per week of virtually any configuration using resistance welding, micro-tig welding or laser-welding depending on project demands.

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