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Achieving Quality Targets

Our target is simple; Alexander Battery Technologies aims to build quality into our processes ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

How do we achieve our targets?

Thanks to Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA), Alexander Battery Technologies will complete a DMFEA and PFMEA to identify risk elements/areas that can affect the customer, each risk is scored up to a Risk Priority Number (RPN) score of 1000 based on severity, occurrence and detection.

Alexander Battery Technologies during this process will highlight prevention and detection controls we currently have within the business, furthermore, Alexander Battery Technologies will then action the highest RPN to the lowest RPN scores ensuring to mitigate this risk as far as practicably possible.

Quality testing

Control Plans

We use control plans to control the risk through either a process or product, we specify whether it is controlled in line 100% or whether we utilise the AQL process as our control.

Battery Quality Testing

Supplier Approval

We manage our supply chain via our supplier approval process, this helps identify the best and most applicable supplier for our customer, to once again ensure customer satisfaction with their product(s).

ABT workers

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Once approved, the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) begins, ABT collaboratively work with the supplier(s) to control that process and ensure variation is minimised as far as practicably possible, we visually and dimensionally inspect the materials and confirm they are to specification.



ABT validation process following an Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) & Performance Qualification (PQ) system, we adopt this approach to ensure our manufacturing process is within Statistical Process Control (SPC) which allows ABT to provide our customers with repeatable products with minimal to no variation.

Quality laboratory

Correction And Preventative Action (CAPA)

ABT use a format which incorporates the A3 problem solver format, Ishikawa diagram (using 6M’s of production – Man, Method, Material, Machine, Measure & Mother Nature) and 5 why technique to highlight the priority failure mode/root cause of a problem or potential problem.

Our Process - Your Product

Quarantine Material

ABT use a suspect material process to identify any material that is not to specification, this material is segregated in a Quality location, reviewed and then assigned to the relevant department to identify the root cause of the material.

Where applicable ABT will use the CAPA, FMEA and Validation processes to firstly identify why the issue occurred and secondly action the issue to mitigate the risk of reoccurrence.

Standards / QC / Certifications

Our facility is accredited to meet ISO9001 and ISO13485 (Medical) standards.

Alexander Battery Technologies meets the requirements to be certified for ISO 9001.

    We are proud that our standard quality management system meets internationally agreed-upon guidelines.

      Regulatory & Agency Approvals

      As is typical within the industry, we design and certify our customer’s battery packs to virtually any regulatory or agency certification standard to meet local regulations or market rules.

      These commonly include UL2054, IEC62133, KC Mark, PSE, UL2271, UN ECE ISO62619 and more, covering requirements for Household Batteries, Industrial Batteries and requirements for different vehicle types and categories.

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