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E-Mobility Battery Pack Manufacturing

Keeping The World On The Move

The eMobility market is a hugely varied and rapidly growing market with a wide range of applications that have extremely high performance demands on the battery pack itself. Demand spans across a spectrum of applications, ranging from e-Scooters and e-Bikes to electric motorbikes, electric cars, construction equipment, marine vessels, and industrial machinery. As the world transitions towards cleaner and more efficient modes of transportation, the need for reliable and high-performance battery solutions becomes increasingly important.

Battery Solutions For Micromobility Applications

As a leading e-mobility battery pack manufacturer & supplier, we specialise in catering to the unique requirements of applications within the eMobility market. Our expertise extends to providing tailored solutions, ensuring seamless integration, communication, safety and thermal management.

With our expertise, technology, and commitment to excellence throughout our process, we can help you overcome the challenges and unlock the full potential of your eMobility projects. Contact us today and discover how we can collaborate to shape the future of sustainable transportation together.

Key Highlights

  • Experienced design capabilities, with experience of eMobility battery requirements and certifications.
  • 12 dedicated development laboratories for new battery project developments up to 800V and >100kWh.
  • Accreditations for IATF16949, ISO 14001, ISO45001, ISO27001 in process for 2024 to complement our existing ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditations.
  • IPG EV Flex automated laser-welding capabilities within our large manufacturing footprint in the UK.

Our Capabilities

At our dedicated battery manufacturing facility, we have 12 development laboratories for new battery projects up to 800V and >100kWh. Our ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditations will be expanded by the end of 2024 to include ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001 and IATF16949. For portable pack sizes, we are able to produce approximately 100,000 certified battery packs per week of virtually any configuration using resistance welding, micro-tig welding or laser-welding depending on project demands.

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