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Q&A with David Cairns – International Marketing Apprentice at Alexander Battery Technologies

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calendar 29/11/2023

It is no secret that apprentices play a huge part in driving the business goals of the company. With at least 5% of our workforce in ‘earn as you learn’ schemes, the business was awarded gold membership from the 5% club in 2023. Therefore, we like to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week every year by shining the spotlight on our apprentices. This year we asked one of our newest apprentices, International Marketing Apprentice David Cairns, what made him choose the apprenticeship route? and what he is looking to gain from the apprenticeship to take with him in his future career?

Q1: Can you share your experience as a Marketing Apprentice at Alexander Battery Technologies?

A: Absolutely, my time as a Marketing Apprentice at Alexander Battery Technologies has been incredibly rewarding. The atmosphere is welcoming, and everyone is supportive of the tasks assigned. The freedom to work independently is balanced with a strong support system whenever needed.

Q2: How has the learning environment contributed to your personal and professional growth?

A: In just two months, I’ve acquired numerous marketing skills and experienced significant personal growth. The apprenticeship approach is phenomenal – learning not just from lectures but also from the talented professionals around me. It’s a unique opportunity to earn while avoiding any educational debt.

Q3: How does Alexander Battery Technologies support and nurture apprentices?

A: The company not only brings apprentices on board but actively nurtures and moulds them into top-quality professionals. There’s an emphasis on continuous learning with opportunities for extra courses and specialized training, paving the way for career advancement.

Q4: Can you highlight the support provided by the company in terms of career development?

A: Alexander Battery Technologies is committed to opening new doors for apprentices. They provide tailored training and skills necessary for various roles, ensuring that apprentices can envision a long-term career path within the organization. I, for instance, am being equipped to potentially transition into a Marketing Manager role.

Q5: How would you describe the overall experience of working for Alexander Battery Technologies?

A: Working at Alexander Battery Technologies has been truly exceptional. The company not only values its apprentices but invests in their growth, creating a positive and supportive work culture. It’s a great place for anyone aspiring to build a successful career in the technical industries.

Q6: In summary, what makes Alexander Battery Technologies stand out as an employer for marketing apprentices?

A: Alexander Battery Technologies stands out by offering a unique blend of independence and support. The apprenticeship route is not just a learning experience but a transformative journey, shaping individuals into highly skilled professionals ready for a fulfilling career in the company.

Alexander Battery Technologies are always on the look out for potential new apprentices to drive current and future growth. Should you be interested in joining the team, visit our careers page to submit your details for the opportunity to take part in one of our apprentice open days.



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