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Alexander Battery Technologies disrupts market for high-quality battery packs for e-mobility applications with commissioning of new laser welding machine

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calendar 24/01/2024

Alexander Battery Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of custom lithium battery packs, today announced a breakthrough for the battery assembly industry with the installation of the world’s most advanced laser welding machine at its factory in Peterlee, UK.

The EV Flex laser welder, an IPG Photonics product, uses machine vision technology and configurable optics to produce micrometer-accurate welds between the terminals on a battery cell and busbar. Employing optical Laser Depth Detection (LDD) technology, the EV Flex accurately controls the area and depth of every weld in large battery packs. Thanks to the EV Flex’s 4kW laser, Alexander Battery Technologies’ batteries benefit from ultra-high quality welds which have no residue, no spatter, and zero porosity.

The high weld strength and quality mean that Alexander Battery Technologies’ production output of batteries for e-mobility and other applications achieves industry-best reliability and performance, thanks to the batteries’ very high resistance to shock, vibration and temperature cycling.

Mark Rutherford, CEO of Alexander Battery Technologies, said: ‘The installation of the world’s first EV Flex machine continues a pattern of capital investment by Alexander Battery Technologies that is making us the most technologically sophisticated manufacturer of embedded battery packs in the world. In batteries that Alexander Battery Technologies makes for products such as automated guided vehicles, automated mobile robots, e-bikes and electric motorcycles, we are achieving quality standards matching those specified by premium electric vehicle manufacturers.’

EV Flex supports production of large, high-voltage e-mobility battery packs

Alexander Battery Technologies is the first company in the world to install an EV Flex laser welder, underlining its commitment to leading-edge production technology. The capability of the EV Flex machine to log and inspect detailed data about each laser weld enables the company to surpass the production quality standards commonly achieved in the battery industry. Alexander Battery Technologies will use the EV Flex to produce high-voltage packs containing hundreds of cells in high volume, while meeting high automotive quality standards.

The EV Flex at the Alexander Battery Technologies factory in Peterlee, in the north-east of England, complements the advanced high-voltage battery testing and validation laboratory at its Battery Technology Centre, as well as its state-of-the-art logistics facility and highly trained technical workforce. Offering the capability to build high-voltage batteries for e-mobility applications, Alexander Battery Technologies is attracting orders from manufacturers of mobile robots, automated materials handling equipment, mobile lifting platforms, e-bikes and electric motorbikes.

To find out how our dedication to become the quality and reliability market-leader for custom battery packs through our investment of the first EV Flex laser welder can benefit your latest battery project, click here to fill out the contact form.



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