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calendar 04/07/2022

As a global battery pack manufacturer, Alexander Battery Technologies designs custom battery packs for a multitude of significant industries. Our lines are versatile and the certification of our employees allows us to adapt quickly to new projects, no matter the industry.

Our custom battery packs can be designed with a multitude of chemistries, including; Lithium Ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Nickel Metal Hydride, and more. This gives us the ability to manufacture custom battery packs that meet any customer specifications.

We maintain strong relationships with our suppliers, and understand their roadmaps, making sure we select the correct components and cells to match the needs of the product or the industry in general.


The industry that we are most heavily invested in is the medical industry. We produce custom battery packs for world-leading medical OEMs like 3M, for instance, for multiple applications in this field; home healthcare devices, alert Systems, respiratory care, surgical drills and equipment, the list goes on.

We understand the needs of our customers in the medical industry to avoid certain pain points, such as obsolescence, whilst maintaining the durability and lifespan to match the longevity of the product itself. This reduces the need to be constantly re-designing the application. We pride ourselves on the reliability of our battery packs and chargers, and our ability to adapt and meet the customers designs and specifications.

Test & Measurement

The test and measurement industry has extremely specific and intensive requirements for. As the requirements for the application in this field are for the device to be portable and for it to offer consistent performance through a wide range of environments.

Dramatic temperature fluctuation, submersion, freezing, and other physically high stress are all elements that have to be considered for a test and measurement device. If a battery cannot perform consistently, safely, and reliably with all of these conditions, then it is not suitable for the device. These are hurdles we have overcome, and are well versed in confronting when it comes to the design of battery packs.


Telecommunications technology is found in many applications, as the overarching term of telecommunications also covers GPS and tracking hardware. So these devices are usually found integrated into UAV’s, Industrial and Agricultural Robots, emergency services personnel and vehicles, etc. Battery packs for telecommunications applications often have to be compact, rugged and light to ensure portability and reliability.

Specialised Industrial Power Tools

The requirement for the batteries in specialised industrial power tools, is unique in its own right. Unlike most battery packs, the ones in industrial power tools are designed to be in use at full power for long periods of time. This can radically deplete the lifespan of a battery, so designing to mitigate that is a priority for us.

As industrial tools are used in high stress environments, such as construction sites, the battery packs need to be able to withstand hard knocks. So, protection against the severe shock of intense vibrations throughout its life, as well as protection against drops, and dust is of the utmost importance. We manufacture battery packs for; Cordless drills, professional lawn mowers, angle grinders, disc cutters, and more. The philosophy of dust, vibration, shock, and constant high-powered use remains the same throughout each product.

Military Fire & Police

Customised battery packs for this industry need to be light, reliable, high performance, and compact, as this equipment is usually used by first-responders, or out in the field in time-sensitive life-or-death situations and if a battery was too bulky, or was to fail, it could be detrimental to the mission of the operator and could cost lives. That is why the battery packs we design and manufacture go through rigorous stress testing to ensure that reliability.

The applications that we provide in this industry include; Immobilization Devices, Surveillance Equipment, Night Vision and thermal imaging equipment, Buoys and Transponders, Demolition and Security Robotics, and Communications and Video Devices.

Health & Personal Safety

The Medical & Personal Safety acts as a supplier to Military, Fire & Police industries, and many more. This industry specialises in portable health and safety gear that can be worn by an individual. The applications in the health and personal safety industry that require battery packs can include; gear such as PAPR respirators used by healthcare workers to prevent them from diseases, ear and hearing protection for using loud machinery such as chainsaws or jackhammers, respirators for firefighters, and safety lights for all professions that require them.

Industrial, Logistical & Agricultural Robotics

This industry, much like the Health & Personal Safety has a wide reach, with a huge variety of applications, ranging from autonomous lawnmowers, to warehouse robotics, to unmanned underwater robotics. Even from these 3 examples, each one of those applications has very different requirements to each other when it comes to their battery pack. It speaks to our versatility and reliability that we can confidently supply any sector of this industry without hesitation. Our experience in designing batteries for such applications, and then our rigorous testing process for them is the main reason that we are considered one of the most premium custom battery pack manufacturers in the country.

We have a wide customer base and supply almost every industry, and we are versatile enough to cater to them whilst retaining efficiency in the factory. Our designers and manufacturing team is extremely experienced in building to the requirements and standards of every product that we produce. This is backed by the fact that we have a rate of only 3.4 faults per million batteries produced. And with in-house stock of over $2 Million worth of key components including cells and ICs. Alexander Battery Technologies is ready to support your next battery-powered device.

Because of these factors, we can move from initial request from the customer to providing them with concepts in under 3 months. Coupled with our Sample Submission Form that we use to confirm compliance with specification on part submission, and to highlight potential issues when working through prototyping phases and cycle iterations, which allows us to start work on the concept phase, almost immediately

So contact us and let us know how we can help with your next custom battery back requirements.



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