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A Summary Of Alexander Battery Technologies 2022

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calendar 05/01/2023

Our Exciting 2022!

2022 was yet another fantastic year for Alexander Battery Technologies, a year that has seen strong foundations being put in place in order to achieve the companies long-term goals. In 2022 custom battery packs weren’t the only things being built at our Peterlee headquarters; from the development of our brand-new technology centre (unit 4) to the establishment of our sales and marketing team, it’s been a busy year for the business and within this article are some of our highlights in 2022.

Coming into the New Year one of our goals was to expand the sales and marketing team at our Peterlee head office to allow us to increase our brand awareness. Through the hiring of 7 personnel throughout 2022 we have successfully expanded our Sales and Marketing team. As a business, we have exhibited at two European, one local and one national exhibition as well as having a presence at 4 shows in the form of our visiting Business Development Manager. Throughout the year Alexander Battery Technologies has been featured in online articles in a variety of publications.

Factory Visits

Earlier this year factory visits made a return, following the easing of covid-19 restrictions, allowing us to show off our state-of-the-art facility at our company headquarters in Peterlee. We are also delighted to announce virtual factory tours will be coming to our website early next year, allowing you to get a strong idea of our production capabilities from the comfort of your desk.

Unit 4

In May 2022 we started re-development on our unit 4 facility. As of the time of writing, we have created space for 12 specialised research and development labs and are planning our investment in specialist machinery to be used by our engineering team. We’ve planned out our additional warehouse space, with enough capacity to hold 400-600 pallets (depending on height), and the upstairs IT & Administration areas.

Website Re-development

Having recently refreshed unit 2, making it into a truly state-of-the-art facility, we felt it was only appropriate for our website to reflect our modern facilities. This included updating graphics on the page, the copy on the website and the pictures that were on our website. Part of the project to update our website included plans to also develop a brochure that would give the best impression to our customers.

Exclusive Agreement With Anglia

In July 2022 Alexanders Battery Technologies finalised an exclusive agreement with Anglia Components that saw the components manufacturer agree to only supply customised battery packs provided by Alexander Battery Technologies. The deal is a first for the business however we are very excited to see how the agreement will benefit both companies in 2023 and beyond.

The 5% Club

In November 2022 we were awarded silver membership by the 5% club. We are proud that the achievements in this section of our business have been rewarded due to the increased investment in people we have put in place throughout 2022. The business has organised apprentice open days earlier in the year with the purpose to find a few candidates with exceptional talents that can be brought into the business for their career development. We now have 8 apprentices in the business who have the opportunity to earn whilst they learn who are playing vital roles in all aspects of the business. We put into place our new roles goals and actions (RGA) development scheme that has each employee meet with their manager every 6 weeks to review goals they had been set. The manager will then put new actions in place to be reviewed 6 weeks from their last meeting. This process puts career development at the forefront of each employee’s mind and encourages them to progress within their own role.

Looking forward to 2023

2022 has been a really exciting year for the business. The company has put so much emphasis into the development of their staff that has allowed all of our business developments to happen. We will be taking this excitement into 2023 with the idea and expectation the business will look different once again this time next year. Should you wish to get in touch with us about your custom battery pack needs, contact us and we will be in touch with you.



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