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What are Alexander Battery Technologies Excited About Achieving In 2023?

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calendar 31/01/2023

Our Amazing 2022

The start of a new year for Alexander Battery Technologies means a brand new list of goals for the business to work towards. Coming off the back of our success-filled 2022, Alexander Battery Technologies is looking to take all of this momentum into 2023.

Throughout the year we continually expanded the sales and marketing team at our Peterlee office, through the hiring of 6 personnel. These additions have allowed us to focus on our goal, increasing brand awareness. As a business, we have exhibited at 2 major European exhibitions, which were Electronica and the battery show Europe. We also exhibited at the Battery Tech Expo aswell as 1 local exhibition. We also had a presence at 4 shows in the form of our visiting Business Development Manager. To see what shows we are visiting in 2023 please visit our events page.

Our New Enterprise Resource Planning System

Alexander Battery Technologies first key goal this year is the successful introduction of the company’s brand-new Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP). The ERP solution supplied by IFS Cedar Bay is set to start in January and be finished its implementation by October of this year. The ERP will be used to help manage the day-to-day running of some of the businesses key departments. The implementation provides the company full traceability and important key performance indicator data.

The Opening of our Technology Centre

One of the company’s major goals for 2023 is to successfully open our new technology centre. Our plan for this exciting new space is to allow us to produce larger, higher voltage batteries giving us the potential to work with a brand-new customer base. The technology centre is projected to feature 12 specialist research and development labs. These labs will be fully secure and allow our engineers to test the battery from outside the room, decreasing any potential testing risks. The proposal for the technology centre is to feature a large foyer which will allow us to run events such as; recruitment days and open days for our stakeholders. We are expecting the technology centre to be open in spring 2023, and hope to announce an open day to celebrate the opening of the facility.

Expansion Into Germany

2023 is the year when Alexander Battery Technologies is planning its first expansion into mainland Europe. This will come in the form of an office space based in Germany. Our goal is to have 5 full-time members of staff situated in our German office by year-end 2023. This will allow Alexanders to have an established presence in the manufacturing centre of Europe. This move is an increased commitment to current and potential customers in the DACH region, giving them a touchpoint closer to their home. We are excited for this expansion and we will be sharing updates when we get them up until its opening. We expect the office to be opening during the later stages of 2023.

Installation of New Equipment

At Alexander Battery Technologies one thing we are incredibly proud of is our 3.4 parts per million figure. We have been able to achieve this through our consistent aspiration to maintain our high-quality standards. The business is preparing to install new laser welding equipment, this ensures the spot size will be specifically designed to melt the correct amount of metal to achieve the weld. This will result in minimal occurrence of heat-induced defects. Alexander Battery Technologies will also be looking to install new testing equipment that will improve the life span on each of our products by providing the right testing procedures. One significant advantage of our new testing machines is that they will prevent damage of the product by handling quality issues such us dropping or heavy placement.

The Search For A New Manufacturing Hub

Continuing are planned German expansion, the next stage of our expansion goal is to establish a manufacturing hub in Eastern Europe. This will give us the ability to shorten lead time and cut our own exportation costs, this will then be passed onto our customers assuring both parties benefit. Company directors will spend 2023 searching for the best location for this facility, at this time our preferred location is Slovakia. Once this preferred location has been chosen, this will be brought to the board who will make a final decision. We are hoping to commence operation out of the facility in 2024.

Insourcing & Quality Control

In 2023 Alexander Battery Technologies is looking into the company’s capability to insource certain external processes. This allows the company greater control of all of the components that make up each and everyone of our custom battery packs. Having gained certification of ISO9001 and ISO13485, we will be looking this year to be recertified in both of these quality management systems. We will also be looking to add IS027001, ISO14001 and TS16949/AS9001 throughout the year as a commitment to maintaining our high-quality standards.


We hope that through reading this article you are as excited as we are for what is to come in 2023. Should you wish to keep up with future event announcements or updates to anything you have read in this article, keep up with us on our social media channels. Should you wish to get in touch with us about your custom battery pack needs, contact us and we will be in touch with you.



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