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Alexander Battery Technologies powers production with world-class laser welding machine

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calendar 03/05/2024

A leading battery technology manufacturer has announced the successful commissioning of the world’s most advanced laser welding machine, which is now fully operational at its UK facility.

The installation and operation of the IPG Photonics EV Flex welder is a significant milestone for Alexander Battery Technologies, which marks its 40th anniversary this year. 

The state-of-the-art equipment introduces a new era in the manufacturing of custom lithium battery packs, strengthening the company’s capacity to meet the rising global demand for high-performance battery solutions in the e-mobility, robotics and wearable/portable devices markets.

CEO Mark Rutherford said: “With the EV Flex’s laser now active, representing an investment of more than £500,000, our production has transformed.

“Our battery packs, crucial for high-end applications like e-mobility and robotic technology are now produced with a level of precision and quality that sets a new industry standard.

“Our enhanced production capability has become a cornerstone of our robust growth strategy. 

“By focusing on producing the highest quality battery packs, we not only meet but exceed the expectations of an increasingly sophisticated global client base, positioning ourselves as a leader in a competitive market.”

The laser welder not only enhances production quality but also reinforces Alexander Battery Technologies’ vision of becoming the market leader in custom battery pack reliability and performance. 

The EV Flex provides the technical platform to deliver large packs to meet the standards required for automotive on-highway vehicles and similar high voltage applications. Its comprehensive data logging and weld inspection capabilities mean that each battery produced can meet and exceed the rigorous industry standards. 

The announcement comes at a time when the Peterlee-based company has reported strong growth across Europe and the US as it focuses on reaching £100 million in annual sales by 2026.

The laser welder, featuring cutting-edge machine vision technology and adaptable optics, achieves unparalleled micrometre-precise welds, crucial for the integrity and reliability of battery cell connections. Its innovative Laser Depth Detection (LDD) ensures exact control over weld depth, enhancing the structural resilience of large battery packs.

The implementation of the EV Flex welder is a testament to Alexander Battery Technologies’ commitment to cutting-edge technology and complements their advanced testing and validation laboratory, as well as their sophisticated logistics and technical workforce.

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Andy Taylor

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