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How we engineer our AGV battery packs for peak warehouse performance

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calendar 23/10/2023

The rise of warehouse Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) has been facilitated by advancements in battery technology. The advancement in battery technology has led to increased efficiency of the AGVs that power an OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) warehouse. The adoption of AGVs from OEMs starts with the role the battery plays, ending with OEMs seeing costs lowered and efficiency raised.

The battery pack; the heart of the AGV

It is no exaggeration to say that the battery pack is the heart of the AGV, without the battery the AGV doesn’t function. This is why companies spend millions perfecting the battery pack that will go into their AGV, the better the battery pack, the better their AGV will be able to achieve its primary purpose. The battery packs provide the power needed to drive the AGV’s motors, sensors, and other components.

Our engineers can design the perfect battery for your automated guided vehicle to perform its task, a key design decision is always the power storage capability of the battery pack. The power storage system in the battery pack is what allows the AGVs to operate continuously in warehouse environments. An OEM may want their AGVs to operate for a long time between charges, therefore we would design the battery pack to have high power storage capabilities.

How can they be engineered to have optimal performance

Our expert engineers can design your pack with a smart BMS (battery management system) to enable your pack to be fast charging. This system will enable rapid battery replenishment during short breaks or between tasks, minimising your guided vehicles downtime. This ensures that your guided vehicle is available for as much of their working hours as possible. Alongside fast charging capabilities, our engineers can use energy-dense cells to formulate your pack. This reduces the frequency of recharging, thus maximizing the AGV’s productivity to provide greater results for OEMs.

The battery packs is attributed as a significant portion of the AGV’s weight, therefore it’s crucial the pack is as light as possible to allow the battery pack to perform efficiently. A lighter design will help optimise the guided vehicles payload capacity. Our engineers have had experience designing ultra-lightweight packs whilst still being in a suitably robust casing. To ensure your battery pack is maintained properly, an integrated BMS can monitor and manage battery health, charge, cycles and temperature. These additions can help ensure the battery packs longevity and health.

Robotics and AGV

Benefits for the OEM

OEMs that make the switch to AGVs will gain a competitive advantage over their competitors due to the increased efficiency provided by an automated fleet. Although there is an initial large outgoing expense, the return on investment (ROI) will be ongoing due to the lengthy usage amount you will obtain from AGVs. This long-term ROI will be seen through increased levels of efficiency they will bring to any OEM.

Here are some of the benefits of an Automated guided vehicle that will recoup an OEMs initial investment:

  • Increased efficiency with 24/7 capabilities with the correct battery pack design
  • Greater consistency and accuracy due to the precise paths AGVs are placed on
  • Flexibility of tasks, with an ultra-lightweight battery pack an AGV can handle both heavy and light payloads with the same efficiency.
  • Cost savings through eliminating the need to pay for human manual labor

At Alexander Battery Technologies we know that AGVs are the future of warehousing. With the battery pack itself being one of the most crucial aspects of the AGV, battery packs play a huge role in the advancement of warehouse logistics. We have 40 years of experience designing bespoke battery packs for all applications . We want to help you get ahead of your competition by designing and manufacturing your perfect AGV battery pack. If you want to know more on how we can help your AGV battery project, please contact us.


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