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Selecting the Optimal Battery Pack for Mobile Industrial Robots

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calendar 01/02/2024

In the fast-evolving landscape of smart, digitalised factories and warehouses, the integration of mobile robots is pivotal for achieving efficiency, maximising throughput, ensuring safety, and minimising operating costs. This surge in automation, particularly with various mobile robots like AGVs and AMRs, underlines the critical role of an industry-leading robust battery pack. Alexander Battery Technologies provides 40 years of expertise and insights into the essential considerations and best practices for acquiring the right battery pack for mobile industrial robots.

Meeting the 24/7 Operational Demand

Mobile robots possess a distinct advantage, operating tirelessly without breaks. This perpetual functionality necessitates a dependable and durable battery pack capable of sustaining continuous output without premature failures or depletion of charge. To address these specific application requirements, a bespoke custom battery pack tailored to factors such as capacity, size, durability, peak power output, cycle life, and temperature tolerance is often indispensable.

Navigating Technical Trade-offs in Battery Specification

The abundance of lithium chemistries introduces a matrix of trade-offs that demand careful consideration. Parameters like energy density, peak power output, operating temperature, cycle life, nominal output voltage, and maximum charge rate vary across different chemistries. The selection of optimal trade-offs is contingent upon the specific application. For instance, smaller AGVs or AMRs, where battery size and weight are critical, may favour NMC cells for their high energy density. Conversely, larger lifting platforms may opt for LFP cells, prioritizing longer cycle life over energy density.

Beyond Chemistry: Features and Approvals Matter

The battery pack selection extends beyond chemistry to encompass features critical for efficient operation. Thermal management features play a pivotal role in dissipating heat efficiently, ensuring safe operating temperatures. Data can help manage a felt of AGV’s through the use of wireless connectivity integrated into advanced custom battery packs. Wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth & low energy radio can provide real-time data about charge status and temperature to efficiently manage your fleet.

Robot/AGV Battery pack

Upholding Quality and Reliability in Production

Once the chemistry and features are determined, the battery pack manufacturer initiates a design that undergoes rigorous testing and approval before entering production. Quality and reliability are not merely end-of-line considerations but integral to the entire manufacturing process. Starting with the selection of high-quality lithium cells from reputable manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and E-One Moli Energy, meticulous attention is paid to assembly details, particularly critical elements prone to failure, such as welds.

Alexander Battery Technologies emphasizes transparency by inviting customers to inspect manufacturing facilities, fostering confidence in the production process. Incorporating quality principles ensures swift validation and certification of battery packs, aligning with the stringent standards prevalent in industries like automotive.

Embracing a New Era of Mobile Robotic with Reliable Battery Solutions

The paradigm shift towards digitalized and smart manufacturing practices necessitates a substantial increase in mobile robot deployment. Ensuring uninterrupted 24/7 operations relies significantly on the reliability of the battery power supply. By meticulously selecting the right cell and battery specifications, designing with precision, and choosing a dependable pack manufacturer, industrial operators can ensure consistent and predictable performance throughout the robot’s operational life. The battery power supply emerges as a cornerstone, guaranteeing seamless operation and peak efficiency for a mobile robot in the new era of industrial automation.

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