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Should you electrify your application?

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calendar 07/09/2023

Yes, you should. We are having discussions with large OEMs, many having the same question. Is now the right time to electrify our product range?
With battery power being the power source for the future due to upcoming legislation, there has never been a better time to discuss your electrification needs.
The sudden spike in E-mobility interest from OEMs, has been accelerated by the government’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. These OEMs are achieving this through the process of electrification, which is the practice of replacing technologies that use traditional fuels with electric power.

How do governments affect electrification?

With the UK government targeting net zero by 2050, incentives for consumers and businesses are already in place.
Some of these incentives are;

  • EV owners not paying road tax on their vehicles
  • tax relief on low-emission cars for business use
  • interest-free loans of up to ÂŁ100,000 for Scottish businesses looking to go green

Furthermore, the UK government announced that sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be banned from 2030. This has led to funding to build 1000s of EV charging points to cope with the infrastructure that will need to be in place to make this efficient. These incentives and impending laws have seen a 60% YoY growth for E-mobility sales in the UK, with a target set for 22% of new manufacturer sales to be electric in 2024.

What does this mean for OEMs?

Vehicle OEMs need to decide their production schedules years in advance. With current and future government incentives pushing consumers and businesses toward Electric Vehicles, OEMs need to consider electrifying their range to meet an ever-rising level of demand. The current rate of reducing carbon emissions will not achieve net zero for the UK by 2050, making further incentives increasingly likely to encourage the demand for electric vehicles before new laws in 2030 come into place.

Is now the time to electrify?

There has never been a better time for OEMs to electrify their ranges. With the increased desire for consumers and businesses to switch to battery power, there has been a significant investment in battery technology globally seen from; Jaguar Land Rover, Recharge Industries and our very own Battery Technology Centre. This increased level of investment has led to improvements in the quality of batteries produced.

What this means for you is that your fleet of electric vehicles will start with a high-quality battery pack that will only improve as newer models are added to your range. With our 12 research and development labs open and operational, we produce battery packs with increased energy density, allowing for increased range on your vehicle. We are also working on designs and materials that will enable your battery pack to have faster charging times without hindering the overall life span of the battery pack. This results in increasing quality and consumers’ willingness to buy your product and continue to buy different products you offer when they want to upgrade.

Should you electrify your application?

Yes, we believe so for two significant reasons:

  • With new government regulations banning new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030, OEMs should be future-proofing so they are as prepared for these regulations as possible. An OEM can develop a strong relationship with a battery pack manufacturer to have the best battery pack in preparation for the all-electric swap.
  • With the quality of battery packs improving, finding a battery partner you have a good working relationship with is beneficial to an OEMs applications. Once a strong relationship is established, your battery partner will integrate new developments into your pack seamlessly due to understanding what the OEM is looking for in their pack.

If you are electrifying your existing applications or developing a new range of electric applications, click here to fill out our contact form to see how we with your electrification process.


Andy Taylor

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