Custom Battery Pack Chargers

Multi-bay custom battery chargers designed for your specific battery pack
Custom battery chargers for
best battery performance
Custom battery chargers designed for your specific battery pack
Chargers designed for your
specific battery pack

Fully customized battery chargers are specifically designed and developed to match the charging specifications and intricacies of a custom battery pack. Single-bay and multi-bay custom battery chargers are uniquely calculated to interact with the corresponding custom battery pack’s exact chemistry, allowing for charging ratios that are unique to that battery. This type of custom battery charging solution interaction leads to extended battery life and overall safer charging capabilities.

To learn more about our innovative battery pack chargers and power pack solutions for your unique power sourcing needs, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 1-641-423-8955 or in the UK at 44 (0) 191-587-2787. At Alexander Battery Technologies, we provide custom battery charging solutions that fit your exact project requirement needs.

Custom Battery Pack Charger Advantages

Alexander Battery Technologies’ custom battery chargers deliver lasting power while providing charging scenarios that are uniquely specific to the prolonged success of the battery pack. Some of the additional benefits associated with our fully customized battery pack chargers include:

  • Stringent safety standards
  • Fully customized designs
  • Premium reliability
  • Maximized performance
  • Performance consistency

Custom Battery Charger Chemistries

Alexander Battery Technologies has the design and manufacturing capabilities to develop custom battery chargers in several different chemistries to provide powering and functionality options for a broad range of product lines. Our engineer's design and produce custom battery chargers in the following chemistries:

Custom Battery Pack Chargers for Industrial & Mission-Critical Applications

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we produce integrated custom battery packs and charger circuitry into a complete systems package utilizing our own patented IP structured designs. Highly technological safety devices are complex and require the use of custom battery pack chargers that provide the battery pack with the ability to perform to its fullest potential. Some of the mission-critical applications that benefit from custom battery pack charger powering solutions include:

Safe & Effective Custom Battery Chargers

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we maintain strategic suppliers which means that we use only the highest quality, name-brand battery cells within our custom battery packs. Our customized solutions allow us to create custom battery pack chargers that are of the absolute highest quality based upon your exclusive specifications. Additionally, we will always work with you to develop the best performing battery pack charger with the best value proposition for your needs.

State-of-the-Art Battery Charger Encryption Security

It is in a company’s best interest to not risk the damage of their name and reputation by utilizing foreign cloning or off-brand imitation batteries within their devices. To avoid this issue, Alexander Battery Technologies can implement customized battery encryption technology within your battery charger.

This type of enhanced security provides proprietary design protection and added security against dangerous counterfeit, or imitation battery chargers being used to charge your device. Protective encryption can lead to a longer battery life-span and improved performance.

Alexander Battery Technologies’ Power Pack Value Propositions

With added value implemented across the full lifecycle of your custom battery pack charger, Alexander Battery Technologies provides a streamlined four-tiered approach to custom battery charging solutions. We work directly with our customers to provide a customized design process that incorporates their unique battery charging needs.

Whether you are looking to implement designs that provide high functionality in challenging environments, manage fuel gauging and balancing, or deliver enhanced encryption, Alexander Battery Technologies delivers a turnkey approach to your custom battery power pack requirements. Alexander Battery Technologies provides the following value-added services:

  • Customized Design
  • Rapid Prototype to Production
  • Quality Components, Testing & ISO Standards
  • Flexible Design Management

Custom Battery Pack Charger Rapid Response Solutions

With over 40 years of battery design experience, Alexander produces battery charging solutions that are engineered to your unique specifications. Our in-house end-to-end capabilities are responsive to your custom battery pack charger requirements. With rapid-response we can deliver product in as little as 5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the custom battery design. Battery pack charger custom advantages include:

  • Comprehensive quotes for project planning
  • Custom designed power solutions
  • Rapid prototyping to production
  • Superior quality and performance designed into the battery
  • Managed flexible demand requirements
    • Supply agreements and buffer stocks available
    • Lifetime access to technical resources
    • OTIF focus
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Sustainable engineering

Alexander Battery Technologies 2021 Factory Expansion

Alexander Battery Technologies recently completed a new factory expansion and rebuild within its Peterlee, UK location. This factory expansion project increased the overall manufacturing space from 16,000 to 56,000 square feet, easily accommodating an influx of new staff in our battery technology, quality, supply chain, and customer service departments to support OEM’s power source solutions. Our factory expansion provides the following new improvements:

  • Triple the amount of assembly lines
  • ESD flooring
  • Automated welders
  • Ultrasonic sealers
  • 3D printers
  • Engineering labs
  • Quality labs

Contact Alexander Battery Technologies for Custom Battery Pack Charger Solutions Today

Combining both fully customized battery pack and charger implementations into your design can lead to significant project cost savings. At Alexander Battery Technologies, we can implement our IP solutions into single-bay or multi-bay custom battery chargers. For more information on how our custom battery chargers can improve your product’s functionality, request a quote or contact us today.

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