Robot/AGV Battery pack

How we engineer our AGV battery packs for peak warehouse performance

The rise of warehouse Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) has been facilitated by advancements in battery technology. The advancement in battery technology has led to increased efficiency of the AGVs that power an OEMs (original equipment manufacturers)…
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New DACH regional operation marks Alexander Battery Technologies’ first step into the growing EU market

Based in a new Frankfurt office, Alexander Battery Technologies’ regional sales and service division will enable OEMs in the DACH region to benefit from our proven development process and high-volume battery production capacity.Alexander…
battery experts forum darmstadt germany

Senior Electronics Design Engineer

Salary: £50,000-£55,000
Location: Peterlee, Durham

We’re looking to hire a Senior Electronics Design Engineer for our custom battery pack and charger products specifically for our automotive battery applications, including light automotive applications such as scooters, forklift trucks and three-wheel vehicles.