Reliable Power Solutions through Dedication and Support

Reliable Power Solutions From The Start

Alexander engineers partner with OEM’s at the early stages of design, meeting customer specifications and providing a single source for portable power design needs. Our involvement in early stages of development provides a single point solution for the design of a compatible battery and charger solution, which, in turn, will deliver improved battery performance, run time as well as speed to market.

Initial design concept

Alexander Technologies pioneers the design and development of critical power management system needs at the front end of the NPD programmer for a new device. As a global provider of the latest power technologies, Alexander offers customers and end-users the most complete battery pack, charger and analyzer solutions in the industry. Utilizing both custom solutions or Alexander’s patented IP, we deliver reliable battery solutions, with the highest quality standards and on-time delivery.

Our Process

Initial design concept: Space footprint, battery casing, power requirements
Duty cycle: Chemistry choice, cell specification, power needs
“Smart” Battery requirements: Fuel gauges, battery management and encryption systems
Charger design: Develop compatible charger system. Utilize Alexander’s patented IP or develop custom solution

Systems approach

Power management requires partnership with our OEM customers, that includes battery pack, charger and power supply design, delivering innovative solutions and complete compatibility between the battery and charging systems.

Our team of talented engineers consider the most critial factors in developing your ideal solution:

Voltage & current specs
Cell selection for optimum performance
Protection parameters for electro-chemical cell
Charging-discharging profile
Load requirements

Delivering superior product through technical expertise, worldwide commodity and logistics network, with over 40 year track record of successful industry solutions. Contact us today, and put Alexander Technologies to work for your organization.

Alexander’s team of mechanical and electrical engineers work with you, to develop every phase of your power solution including:

Battery concept
Capacity required
Package size, footprint requirements
Chemistry preference

We work with our customers, from concept development of initial design, through design and selection of structure, material for encapsulation, chemistry selection, wiring, component positioning and sealing the package.

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