Power and Charger Design Your Solution Awaits

Charger Design Completes Your Solution

An integral part of the design process, is the development of the charging system, in tandem with the battery pack. Alexander Technologies develops the ideal charging solution to meet the specific demands of your application. We design the ideal charging solution to fit the needs of your power pack. Because we design them together, you are assured they will perform reliably and effectively.

Our Process

  Initial design concept: Space footprint, battery casing, power requirements
  Duty cycle: Chemistry choice, cell specification, power needs
  “Smart” Battery requirements: Fuel gauges, battery management and encryption systems
  Charger design: Develop compatible charger system. Utilize Alexander’s patented IP or develop custom solution

Charger design includes:

Determine charging requirements
Set parameters at the board level, utilzing Alexander’s patented IP or design of a custom solution
“Smart” Battery requirements: Fuel gauges, battery management and encryption systems

We develop both custom solutions, from board level up, as well as charging solutions utiziling Alexander’s patented IP. With the completed development of the board, base plate and mid-plate, Alexander’s electrical engineers move their focus to the design and tooling of the top cup. Our total charging solution is desiged to work seamlessly with our power pack design. We also consider other critical aspects of battery usage and charging habits, that weigh in to the final design, such as:

How will you use and charge your battery?
Will the user fully discharge the battery before putting on the charging system?
What type of status (fuel level) communication is required?
Is a battery security system (encryption) to ensure correct battery use required?
What type of battery management system is needed for your application?

With a proven track record of integrated systems, we develop the ideal solution for your specific needs.

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