NiMh Custom Battery Packs

NiMh Custom Battery Pack designs for commercial and industrial applications
Custom NiMh designs for your
portable application
Special NiMh packs designs for demanding applications
Special NiMh packs designs for
demanding applications
NiMh battery packs for quick to market efforts
NiMh battery packs for
quick to market efforts

Nickel Metal Hydride custom battery packs are designed to provide high capacity energy solutions, long-term reliability, and progressive safety features. With proactive design concepts, NiMh custom battery packs provide a simple portable energy solution for a wide range of applications. They are also the ideal choice for projects that require a custom battery pack that provides durability, low operating risks, less development time, and a lower cost per unit than other chemistries.

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we can custom build a NiMh battery pack that responds to your specific application needs. Our expert team of battery designers and engineers will work with you to determine your necessary power requirements

Contact us for more information regarding our standard and smart custom nickel-metal hydride battery pack assemblies. We can provide a custom NiMh battery pack solution that fits your exact project requirement needs

NiMh Custom Battery Pack Features & Benefits

NiMH battery packs power several types of commercial and industrial applications, within a wide range of temperatures, while allowing for lower development costs. Some of the more attractive features and benefits that NiMh battery packs provide include:

  • Nominal cell voltage of 1.2V
  • Usable voltage range per cell of 1.0V-1.45V
  • Diverse cell size options
  • Quicker recharge rates than other chemistries
  • Temperature range of -20° C to +60° C
  • Environmentally friendly

NiMh Custom Battery Pack Housing Options

Alexander Battery Technologies’ design and production staff can produce custom Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs with various types of housing options. These designs can range from simple shrink wrap designs that include wire and connector charge protection, to more complex schemes that include encapsulated plastic housing with custom-designed terminal connections and full Smart battery capabilities.

Contact us for more information on how we can custom design battery pack housing for your next NiMh battery project.

NiMh Custom Battery Pack Advantages

Mission-critical portable devices for commercial and industrial applications require a custom battery pack that can withstand harsh environments. Alexander Battery Technologies’ custom NiMh smart battery packs not only provide state-of-the-art power capabilities but they also effectively deliver and receive numerous types of information. This type of data communication is critical for ongoing device functionality.

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Contact us for more information regarding our NiMh custom battery pack and assembly solutions for your industrial and mission-critical devices or request a quote for further pricing details today. We have the capabilities to manage your project from beginning to end while providing valuable, high-quality NiMh battery pack design and assembly services. Find out about our Rapid Response Custom Power Solutions.