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Alexander Battery Technologies Pushes On With Rapid Growth Plan

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calendar 27/07/2022

They say that “growth is painful”…and they might even be right! At Alexander Battery Technologies, we find growth incredibly exciting and we love all of the challenges and positive changes that come with it. Our company has been producing battery packs for our customers for over forty years. This legacy gives us the fundamental foundations of experience and expertise needed to deliver design-to-manufacture services for custom battery packs using lithium ion and other chemistries.

Two years ago we decided this was no longer enough and began on the journey we are on now to reinvigorate our business for the benefit of our customers over the long-term. This process has provided massive improvements across all aspects of the business, but none of these has been more visible than the renovation to our production site. Recognising that the needs of our customers had changed and would continue to change, we completely redesigned and re-built the production area in Unit 2, creating 60,000 sq ft of fully flexible production space capable of building up to 100,000 custom battery packs per week for handheld devices and small to medium-sized modules.

The growth of our business since our expansion in 2020 hasn’t stopped. Quite the opposite in fact, so the time has come for us to upgrade once again. Returning to our old building, Unit 4, and retrofitting it with cutting-edge equipment, reinvigorating it, and bringing into line with our our current space at Unit 2, so that we can continue our expansion.

Alexanders’ Managing Director, Mark Rutherford said “Expanding to this new building almost doubles our space for design, testing, and production. It will open doors to deals and orders that we haven’t had the capacity to fulfil before.”

Local development company Kingfield Developments did a fantastic job for us for our first renovation. Mike Dickinson at the company was pleased to say that “after working with Alexanders during 2020, we are delighted to be working with them once again, upgrading their original unit to their usual high standard. Enabling works are underway and the targeted completion for early 2023 are on track.”

We’re incredibly proud of what our team has achieved and our customers love the facility and our process control as well but we are not done yet! This year we have turned our attention to the second of our three buildings, Unit 4, and the transformation underway is extremely exciting. With up to 120,000 sq ft of useable space over two floors, we are adding:

12 purpose-built test and R&D labs to dramatically improve our in-house capabilities.

Additional manufacturing footprint to increase capacity and capability to establish the platform for high voltage/high capacity battery systems.

Custom-built event auditorium to host local and international industry events.

Modern office layouts with breakout areas to encourage spontaneous collaboration.

“Having new dedicated development and testing laboratories will greatly expand our capabilities as custom battery pack designers and manufacturers. With these new facilities, we will be able to offer another level of technology, reliability, and overall quality to our customers,” says Jake Carr, NPI and Engineering Manager at Alexander Technologies.

Keep track of our progress and get updates by following us on Linked In or get a sense of our current facility by watching our factory video here.

Once the renovation of Unit 4 is complete, we will be looking to host an open day in early 2023. Whether you’re an existing customer or interested in becoming a new one, this will be the perfect opportunity to come and visit so you we can give you the tour of and show off our facility!

If you would like an invite to the open day, please fill in our contact form:
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