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Electric Motorbike Battery Pack Manufacturing

Powering The Next Evolution Of Motorbikes

Technological advancements, government incentives and lower costs of ownership has seen the electric motorbike (or electric motorcycle) industry experience rapid levels of growth over recent years. Traditional titans of combustion engine motorbikes are beginning to transition into the eMotorbike market, bringing a whole new set of eyes to the market. The ever-increasing demand for high-speed and long-range electric motorcycles mean that manufacturers are required to fit their vehicles with a battery that has the capability to match consumer expectations.

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Electric Motorbike Battery Pack Manufacturing

As an experienced electric motorcycle battery pack manufacturer we know how to deliver custom battery packs that optimise an OEMs eMotorbike’s performance. We have developed Lithium-Ion battery packs for electric motorbikes. This chemistry provides a high energy density whilst allowing for fast charging capabilities, so it stands up to the real-world demands of the application. An integrated Battery Management Systems (BMS) is tailored to manage the operation of the battery pack and  ensures the health and longevity of the battery.

With our expertise, advanced manufacturing technology, and commitment to excellence, we help electric motorbike manufacturers to overcome supply chain and sourcing challenges as well as unlock the full potential of a new electric motorbike design. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate to power the next generation of motorbikes.

Key Highlights

  • Proven experience in designing and manufacturing e-motorbike custom battery packs
  • Experience in diagnosing problems with OEM’s existing battery packs and optimising through re-design.
  • Our experienced engineers design battery packs in line with all required certification and quality standards, including electric motorcycle specific regulations such as; UL2271.
  • Our EV Flex laser welder from IPG Photonics provides automated laser capabilities that ensure high levels of repeatability and world-class quality rates.
  • Our lean manufacturing processes, strong supply chain and stringent processes ensure we deliver on reliable and high-quality battery packs as well as driving our costs down.


Our Capabilities

At our dedicated battery manufacturing facility, we have 12 development laboratories for new battery projects up to 800V and >100kWh. Our ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditations will be expanded by the end of 2024 to include ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001 and IATF16949. For portable pack sizes, we are able to produce approximately 100,000 certified battery packs per week of virtually any configuration using resistance welding, micro-tig welding or laser-welding depending on project demands.

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