Industrial Automation & Robotics

Battery packs to keep your robots running
Battery packs to keep your robots running
Custom battery packs for your unique robotic application
Custom battery packs for your
unique robotic application
High quality custom power solutions for your robotic applications
High quality custom power solutions
for your robotic applications

Alexander Battery Technologies has the knowledge and capability to custom design Lithium Ion battery or NiMh battery packs to fit your unique product’s specific needs. We can design safe and reliable power solutions to meet the specifications of the OEM’s in the Industrial Automation & Robotics industry. Alexander Battery Technologies prides itself on using only the highest quality cells to make Lithium Ion and NiMh battery packs. We take the utmost care to ensure that all our custom designed battery packs meet the highest safety standards prior to leaving our facility and ss a top designer and manufacturer of Li-ion, LiFePO4, and NiMh custom battery packs and chargers, Alexander Battery Technologies has the ability to design and manufacture custom battery packs for high cycle count, high reliability, that are high in quality and with a high level of run-time performance. Industrial Automation and Robotics devices that require unique power, size, custom enclosures, custom connectors, smBus smart battery BMS circuits, or even specific IP rating requirements are our main focus. By sourcing the battery charger and battery pack from Alexander Battery Technologies ensures the OEM the best product performance and battery life over the lifecycle of the OEM’s product.

The Industrial Automation and Robotics Industries markets have become increasingly innovative and competitive and finding the right time to market is critical to an OEM’s product’s success. Additionally, companies in this market must ensure delivery of high-quality products on a repeatable basis. As leading custom Industrial Automation and Robotics battery pack manufacturer, Alexander Battery Technologies has the experience and knowledge to provide manufacturing and engineering services. This ensures rapid development of cost-effective products, using highly repeatable and controlled manufacturing processes, while adapting to an ever-changing demand. These services are provided in an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified environment.   We are often able to effectively over-mold plastic assemblies that other manufacturers find difficult to design and manufacture and provide battery pack custom connectors that other assemblers may not be able to design and produce.  Our OEM customers value our depth of knowledge of battery management systems, cell selection, pack design, quality, manufacturing, and customer service. Whether your application requires high power, long run time, fast charging, wide temperature range, high shock & vibration, or ruggedized design features, our engineering team will work with your engineers to guarantee the custom battery pack for your pro-power tool is optimized for safety, power, and performance. If you are seeking help with a battery design contact us and we can provide solutions for your specific application. For further pricing details, request a quote today.


  • Home Personal Robotics
  • Lawn Care Robotics
  • Warehouse Robotics
  • Underwater Unmanned Robotics
  • Data Acquisition Equipment

Capabilities and Certifications

Alexander Battery Technologies has been supplying Industrial Automation and Robotics OEMs for many years and have evolved our offerings in this market to include:

  • Responsive design and manufacturing for application specific requirements: Our engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with customer to rapidly respond to application specific requirements such as custom smart battery pack design, size requirements, capacity requirements, high discharge current requirements, environmental needs requirements.
  • Manufacturing solutions: We are highly capable to deliver quality, reliable, cost effective custom battery packs in a responsive method.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ISO 13485:2016 Certified Factory.
  • Engineering and manufacturing teams that understand the importance of regulatory requirements for specific applications that require custom battery packs.
  • Internal supply chain management, in-house engineering, and logistics: We utilize these capabilities to find the most effective components across the full supply chain spectrum for high level battery pack assemblies.

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Contact us for more information regarding our custom battery packs and charger solutions for your Industrial Automation and Robotics devices. Alexander Battery Technologies the design and manufacturing capabilities to manage your project from start to finish, while providing valuable engineering and quality design control feedback.