Custom Battery Pack Solutions

Smart LiIon battery packs custom to your application
Smart LiIon battery packs
custom to your application
Battery packs expertly designed and manufactured
Battery packs expertly designed
and manufactured
Battery packs for your unique power demands
Battery packs for your
unique power demands

Intelligently designed custom battery packs are manufactured to provide power that supports your product’s specific needs. Our unique circuit boards and cell arrangements are designed to provide power and direct smart battery pack communication with the device. Custom battery pack solutions are ideal for powering specialized industrial equipment and mission-critical devices that provide lifesaving and life-supporting functions.

Alexander Battery Technologies focuses on working directly with your team to develop custom rechargeable and primary battery packs that are safe, reliable and exceed all quality expectations. Our expert engineers have the knowledge and resources to build a custom battery pack that is as unique as the product that it’s powering.

Fully customized battery packs improve the overall functionality of your product. If you have a battery design issue that needs to be addressed contact us, and we can talk you through all the potential design solutions and strategies that can be implemented into your application or request a quote for further pricing information today.

Primary & Rechargeable Custom Battery Pack Chemistries

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we design and develop custom battery packs in a wide range of chemistries to suit your specific project needs. Our engineer's design and produce custom battery packs in the following chemistries:

We have extensive knowledge in all Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) and Nickel chemistries and provide consultation on the proper cell choices for most OEM applications. We also produce simple to highly complex designs with the ability to manufacture designs to IP 65 and IP 67 levels.

Battery Pack Consultation Services

By acquiring our services during the early stages of battery development, we provide battery pack consultation services to assist with the engineering and design aspects of your product’s custom battery pack. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to fully manage the battery design elements of your project from beginning to end. Our consultation services will provide you with more time to focus on other aspects of your product launch while allowing us to provide you with a custom battery pack that delivers consistent safety, performance and quality.

The Custom Battery Pack Consultation Process

Our consultation process can include prototyping and the issuing of customized sample packs. When the characteristics of the sample packs are approved, the design can be pushed through for regulatory approval. The sample packs then pass through all regulatory commissions, including the issuing of pilot packs, which transitions to full-scale battery pack production. During production, we will stay in constant contact with you, providing support and information, including updated information on worldwide regulatory changes.

Custom Battery Pack Engineering & Design Strategies

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we continuously strive to create custom battery packs that are safe, effective and provide absolute minimal failure rates. We create fully customized battery packs that provide the custom capabilities that your product requires. We accomplish this by implementing the following design strategies:

  • Cell chemistry analysis
  • Cell count requirements
  • Cell configurations

Custom Battery Pack Advantages

Custom battery packs function through direct communication with their designed application. Not only does Alexander Battery Technologies’ custom battery packs provide the necessary power for the device to function, but it also effectively delivers and receives numerous types of information. This type of data communication is critical for ongoing device functionality.

Mission Critical Custom Battery Pack Applications

Given the ever-changing societal standards throughout the world, providing safe products and work environments is more relevant than ever before. Highly technological safety devices can be complex and require the use of custom battery packs that provide protection and device communication, as well as power. Some of the mission-critical applications that benefit from custom battery pack solutions include:

Cutting-Edge Custom Battery Pack Encryption Security

It is in a company’s best interest to not risk the damage of their name and reputation by utilizing foreign cloning or off-brand imitation batteries within their devices. To avoid this issue, Alexander Battery Technologies implements customized battery encryption, which provides advanced protection against the use of dangerous, low-grade battery packs within a device. Once implemented within your product design, encryption only allows the use of a battery pack from Alexander within your product.

Custom Battery Packs for Increased Product Design Safety

Do not subject your company and brand to undue risk by purchasing discount battery packs that could contain counterfeit cells or other hidden issues. These battery packs are not custom built to your product’s exact specifications and do not provide the safety and quality that you and your customers have come to expect.

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we maintain strong relationships will all our suppliers, which equates to the highest quality, name-brand battery cells within our custom battery packs. Additionally, we will always work with you to develop the best performing battery pack with the best value proposition for your needs.

Contact Alexander Battery Technologies for Custom Battery Pack Solutions Today

If quality and product safety is important when implementing a customized battery source, then working with a team that fully understands custom battery design concepts is the approach you need to take. Contact us for more information on how our fully customized battery pack design implementations and consultation services can improve your project.