Battery Care and Maintenance

With the advent and development of smart battery technologies over the last several decades, battery care and maintenance has become easier and less user intensive. When compared to older battery technologies, Li-Ion and NiMH BMS smart batteries are specifically manufactured to your project’s exact specifications and require less service and upkeep. However, basic care and maintenance practices should be established to extend battery life of your custom battery packs and chargers.

Alexander Battery Technologies manufactures battery packs using both Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technologies. Each type of battery chemistry has its own set of requirements for best usage results.

Li-Ion & NiMH Battery Storage Solutions

To conform to international safety standards, Alexander’s Li-Ion batteries are shipped at approximately 30% of rated capacity. For longest charge retention, batteries should be stored between 40% and 60% of full charge, and at temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees C (68 to 86 degrees F) and at 20 to 80% relative humidity.

Charging Solutions for Extended Battery Life

Due to differences in pack voltage, current, and capacity, batteries should only be charged with charging equipment designed specifically for the batteries in question. Alexander Battery Technologies manufactures batteries and charging solutions specifically designed to optimize battery pack performance.

Depending on the battery charger, battery packs may remain connected to the charging device after full charge. 

NiMH Chemistries

For nickel-based chemistries, it is recommended to perform a conditioning cycle periodically (full discharge followed by full charge) to prevent cells from losing capacity due to “memory effect”. This is not required for lithium cells. For proper operation, batteries should be fully charged before use. Nickel-based cells generally require approximately 16-24 hours for a full charge. 

Li-Ion Chemistries

Lithium-based cells can be charged in approximately 3-4 hours, depending on the charger.  Please consult the owner’s manual for your utilizing equipment for the appropriate charge times.

Custom Battery Pack & Charger Temperature Ratings

Batteries should be operated at temperatures consistent with the utilizing equipment.  Generally, this means that the pack should be kept between 10 and 40 degrees C (50- and 104-degrees F).

Intelligent batteries may shut down if temperature limits are exceeded.  Should this happen, turn off the utilizing equipment and allow the battery pack to cool down before restarting.

Battery Handling & Cleaning Processes for Extended Battery Life

Batteries should not be cleaned using abrasive cleaners or by immersion in cleaning solvents.  While the pack may have some protection from damage due to immersion, this practice is not recommended.

Battery contacts should not be scraped or abraded during cleaning or use. They are usually treated with a coating that is used to ensure maximum conductivity, and damage to this coating can result in poor performance.  The recommended cleaning method for battery contacts is with a soft cloth or cotton swab and a non-conductive, non-abrasive cleaning solvent.  Note that some solvents can attack the plastic case of the battery, such solvents should be avoided.

Damaged Batteries & Proper Disposal

While batteries are capable of some rough handling, it is recommended that packs not be physically abused.  Batteries should be inspected regularly for case chips, cracks, and other damage.  Excessive wear and/or physical abuse may void Alexander’s warranty. 

Damaged batteries should be discarded via appropriate battery recycling services. They should not be placed in regular trash or landfill.  Before disposal, battery terminals should be masked off using electrical tape or another manner that ensures that the terminal contacts cannot be shorted together.

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