How to procure the right battery pack for a mobile industrial robot

Long cycle life, high energy density and resistance to shock and vibration are common requirements in AGVs and other types of mobile robots. How do they affect the choice of chemistry, cell, and battery pack design?Efficiency, maximisation…

Electronics Development Test Engineer

Salary: £40,000-£45,000
Location: Peterlee, Durham

We’re looking to hire a Electronics Development Test Engineer for our custom battery pack and charger products specifically for our automotive battery applications, including light automotive applications such as scooters, forklift trucks and three-wheel vehicles.

Alexander Battery Technologies disrupts market for high-quality battery packs for e-mobility applications with commissioning of new laser welding machine

Alexander Battery Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of custom lithium battery packs, today announced a breakthrough for the battery assembly industry with the installation of the world’s most advanced laser welding machine at its factory…