Factory Visits Make a Return

Making the most of lockdown

In 2020, just as the world shut down, we completed a total renovation of our factory, complete with; total ESD flooring, brand-new welding and sealing equipment, with extended R&D departments and capabilities, and an additional capacity of 100,000 battery packs per month. This new unit also houses the new commercial team, who have already seen success in lead generation and new customers for the business.

With plans for rapid growth within the commercial team, we are also returning to our original, now vacant unit, to gut it and completely modernise it to bring it into line with our new facility. This renovated space will house the commercial team’s office. Along with a multitude of new laboratories and testing areas that will greatly expand our capabilities.

Expanding to this new building almost doubles our space for design, testing, and production. It will open doors to deals and orders that we haven’t had the capacity to fulfil before.” Mark Rutherford, Managing Director, states. “As much as this is an investment for us, we also believe it is an investment in the local community. This expansion will create an abundance of new jobs in different sectors for the area.

What this means for us

This expansion, and these renovations, have been our secret until recently when the nationwide lockdown came to an end. After almost 2 years of the country being shut down, we are so pleased to be able to welcome visitors and customers, both current and prospective, through our doors once again.

It is a huge relief to be able to conduct business face to face with our customers again. It is important for us as we get to show off our facility and allow the customers to see our capabilities in person. For the customer, it is also important to visit us. We understand that committing to a new partner you haven’t visited, or even seen the facility of, is not an option for many businesses. Many of our customers are from overseas, in the U.S and Europe, so it is imperative that they see our facilities and capabilities for themselves before making any commitments to us and vice versa.

Creating and developing a good and strong relationship between our organisations for the long-term is essential and, I believe, adds huge but often unseen value for both parties.At Alexander Battery Technologies, the best way to start is by coming to see us. Meet our team, see our facility at close quarters and understand the care, attention and vigour that our customers receive. This is a key step for both parties and we’re very pleased that the world is opening up again and we can invite you to Peterlee.” Says Alex Stapleton, our Sales Director.

We are going to make the most of the world opening back up again, by holding an open day in late 2022/ early 2023 for all interested parties to come and tour our facility and meet us. Whether you are already one of our customers, or if you’d like to be one, this will be the perfect chance to see our factory, and facility.


If you would like an invite to the open day, please fill in our contact form:
CONTACT US – Alexander Battery Technologies (alexandertechnologies.com)