Alexander Technologies Announces Expansion Plans

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Alexander Technologies Announces Expansion Plans Alexander Technologies Europe Ltd, a leading European and North American designer and manufacturer of custom battery pack and charger solutions is announcing major expansion plans to support increased demand for its “smart” Li Ion products.

The expansion includes an additional manufacturing facility, located in Peterlee, UK and significant investment in its battery and charger manufacturing capabilities. The new factory is expected to be open and operational in late 2019. Michael Shirley, CEO of Alexander Technologies, adds “The expansion and improvements are a major investment for the Company and represent a significant increase to the Company’s current footprint, from 16,000 sq. ft to over 39,000 sq. ft.

This increase, combined with the Company’s recent ISO 13485 certification will allow Alexander to improve design and manufacturing capabilities for OEM customers and continue the strong growth it has achieved over the last two and half years.”

About Alexander Technologies Europe Ltd

Alexander Technologies uses innovative design and development in delivering advanced solutions for its customers and complete compatibility between the battery and charging system. With design in Europe and the United States and assembly plants in the UK and Malaysia, Alexander Technologies is recognized as a design leader in portable power. Our engineers partner with the customer at the early stages of design to meet their specifications and provide significant time, money and resource savings. This process allows for a single source for power design needs and allows the OEM to source the required power solutions from a single supplier. Alexander Technologies provides integrated power and charger solutions for Powered Air Purifying Respirators, Portable Medical Devices, Back Up Power Sources, Professional Power Tools, Robotics, and many other applications.