Testing and Certification

Alexander Battery Technologies uses world class testing and certification labs in Europe and the U.S.  The capability of these test houses allows our design engineers to collaborate and problem-solve more effectively, as well as provide you confidence in product quality, and the regulatory certifications you require for your product that you are purchasing from us.

Our testing labs are assessed for their capabilities to perform testing for certification. We provide complete design verification & validation, and product certification testing including safety, EMI/EMC and energy efficiency compliance when appropriate.

These facilities evaluate our products we are selling to most worldwide standards, and projects typically include:  IEC 61960, IEC 62133, CE, UN38.3 [DOT], UL1642, UL2054, UL913, IEC 60950-1, UL 60950-1, IEC 60601-1, UL 60601-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-29, IEC 60065, IEC62368, and other safety standards. They offer critical testing, such as:

  • Cell qualification
  • Cell-cycle life
  • Impedance measurements (DC and AC)
  • Overcharging
  • Over-discharging
  • Short circuits
  • Hotbox performance
  • Impact resistance
  • Environmental (temperature, humidity)
  • Thermal and mechanical shock / vibration
  • Altitude simulation

These test houses audit our factories to ensure we are maintaining production to the same materials and processes that have been declared, inspected and tested.

Contact us to learn more about how our testing and certification can help you ensure a safe and reliable battery pack.