Test and Measurement

Battery packs for your unique portable application
Battery packs for your unique
portable application
Custom designed battery packs for hand-held devices
Custom designed battery packs
for your unique applications
Battery packs for your important portable device
Battery packs for your
important portable device

Alexander Battery Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of Li-ion, LiFePO4, NiMh, and Primary cell custom battery packs and chargers to OEM’s in the Test and Measurement industries. Alexander Battery Technologies understands that portable electronic equipment requires a custom battery pack that is lightweight, safe, reliable, high quality and provides high performance. Hand held detection device battery packs with unique power, size, enclosures, custom connectors, safety circuits, smBus smart battery circuits, or IP rating requirements is our specialty. Our engineers can design, develop, test and manufacture custom battery pack solutions for the specific needs of most applications. By sourcing the battery charger and battery pack from a single supplier can give best performance and longer battery life.

Test and Measurement OEM’s are increasingly looking for a battery pack designer and manufacturer who can provide valuable engineering and manufacturing services. This allows them to focus on new product development and customer facing value added services. Custom Battery Pack Designers and Manufactures like Alexander Battery Technologies, who support Test & Measurement OEMs must provide fully tested, high quality, reliable battery packs and be responsive to needs for new designs and battery pack requirements. Alexander Battery Technologies offers rapid development of cost-effective products, using highly repeatable and controlled processes, while adapting to an ever-changing product demand. These services are provided in an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified environment.   We are often able to effectively over-mold plastic parts and assemblies that other manufacturers find difficult and provide battery pack custom connectors and latching that other assemblers may not be able to design and manufacture.  Our OEM client’s value our depth of knowledge of custom smart battery pack electronics and fuel gauging, cell selection, battery pack design, quality, manufacturing, and customer service. If you have a battery application that you need help with please contact us and we can provide solutions for your specific application. For further pricing details, request a quote  today.


  • Automotive Diagnostic Tools
  • Hand-held and bench oscilloscopes
  • Pipeline Inspection and Downhole Inspection
  • Intrinsically Safe Environments
  • Oceanographic Surveying and Environmental Monitoring
  • Smart Metering and Industrial Scanners
  • Ultrasound and Flaw Detection Devices
  • Sound and Vibration Meters
  • Biological, Chemical, and Explosive Detection
  • X-ray, Imaging, Video Inspection
  • Corrosion and Radiation Detectors
  • Handheld Pressure and Air Sampling Analyzers

Capabilities and Certifications

Alexander Battery Technologies has been supplying Test & Measurement OEMs for more than 40 years and we have evolved our offerings in this market to include:

  • Responsive design and manufacturing for your application specific requirements: Our engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with customer to rapidly respond to your application specific requirements such as custom smart battery pack design, size requirements, capacity requirements, environmental needs requirements.
  • Manufacturing solutions: We are uniquely qualified to deliver quality, reliable, cost effective custom battery pack solutions in a timely manner.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ISO 13485:2016 Certified manufacturing facility.
  • Engineering and manufacturing that understands the importance of regulatory requirements for specific applications.
  • Internal supply chain management, engineering, and logistics: We utilize these capabilities to find the most effective components across the full supply chain spectrum for high level battery pack assemblies.

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Contact us for more information regarding our custom battery pack and charger solutions for your Test and Measurement devices. Alexander Battery Technologies the design and manufacturing capabilities to manage your project from start to finish, while providing valuable engineering and quality design control feedback.