Name brand cells for quality battery packs
Name brand cells for quality battery packs
Quality always a priority
Quality always a priority
Inspection of the tiniest details leads to quality and reliability
Inspection of the tiniest details
leads to quality and reliability

Quality Design & Engineering

Our engineering and design processes have been established to provide our customers with fully customized battery packs and chargers. Medical and mission-critical devices utilize a custom battery pack’s customized design and engineering to establish critical device communications. Our unwavering commitment to creating product design excellence, no matter the circumstances, is what separates us from standard custom battery pack manufacturers. We create specially designed battery packs and chargers that cooperate with your product’s requirements.

Alexander Battery Technologies consistently implements effective, quality-controlled engineering and design processes that are backed by ISO standards and certifications. We understand all the aspects and chemistries that surround battery technologies and the best ways to implement them into your custom device.

At Alexander Battery Technologies, our premium quality engineering and custom design solutions provide you with a unique power solution for your device. Contact us, and we would be happy to speak with you regarding all the top-quality design solutions, strategies, and implementations for your product design.

ISO Certified for Advanced Safety & Quality Standards

Alexander Battery Technologies battery pack design and assembly processes produce the safest and most effective custom battery packs and chargers on the market. We have invested significant resources into acquiring the industry certifications that reflect our ongoing obligation to customer safety and product quality.

To reinforce our commitment to safety and quality, our battery pack design and assembly capabilities are fully ISO Certified and are up to date with the newest ISO requirements, including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. These standards are extremely well regarded throughout the industry and equate to advanced performance and high-quality battery pack assembly processes.

Expertly Trained Assemblers & Production Staff

Our custom battery pack production facility employs a highly trained assembly and production staff. Our dedicated employees are continuously trained to provide advanced assembly techniques on numerous types of modern assembly equipment. All Alexander Battery Technologies employees are fully trained to maintain industry best practices and have years of experience creating the safest and best quality custom battery packs and chargers in the world.

Dependable & Trusted Suppliers of High-Quality Cells

We have partnered with the world’s most reliable suppliers of cells and electronic components. Our packs are assembled in a full ESD environment, with all end of line testing and battery pack calibration accomplished in house. Alexander Battery Technologies can also support low and high-volume battery production for many different types of battery pack designs and applications.

Contact Alexander Battery Technologies for High-Quality Custom Battery Packs Today

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we manufacture custom battery packs and chargers with the highest quality battery cells and materials in the industry. We also have the capabilities to manage your project from beginning to end, while providing valuable, high-quality design and assembly services. Contact us for more detailed information, or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis today.

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