Primary Custom Battery Packs

Primary battery pack designs and assembly available

Primary battery pack designs and assembly available 

Unlike Secondary battery packs, Primary battery packs are non-rechargeable and ideally suited for applications that require a longer shelf life, or where charging is not practical. Alexander Battery Technologies Primary battery packs are uniquely designed and constructed to address your unique application needs. Custom primary battery packs can be manufactured using basic materials like shrink wrap with wires and a connector or with more sophisticated design concepts like encapsulated plastic with exclusively designed terminal connections. Primary battery packs may also be manufactured with fuel gauging circuits if required within the OEM’s specifications.

Alexander Battery Technologies is committed to working directly with your team to develop Primary custom battery packs that are safe, reliable, and that are quality products. Our experienced engineers have the knowledge and resources to design and build a custom battery pack that provides reliable power and unique features that are specific to your project needs.

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Our Primary custom battery packs provide the power and solutions that your application requires to maintain premium functionality. We can implement sophisticated primary battery pack design strategies to address your design issues. Contact us, and we will work with you to explore all the potential design solutions and strategies, or request a quote for further pricing information today.

Primary Custom Battery Pack Chemistries

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we understand that every primary custom battery pack that we manufacture requires its unique design elements. Depending on your specific application needs, we manufacture Primary custom battery packs in several different chemistries. We will work with you to develop a custom Primary battery pack that provides the specifications that your application requires. The custom Primary battery pack chemistries that we work with, include:

  • Alkaline cells
  • Lithium cell technology
    • Manganese dioxide
    • Poly carbon monofluoride
    • Thionyl chloride
    • Sulfur dioxide

Primary Custom Battery Pack Design Strategies

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we create custom Primary battery packs that are safe, effective and provide absolute minimal failure rates. Our fully customized Primary battery packs provide the custom capabilities that your product requires. We accomplish this by implementing the following design strategies:

  • Analysis of cell options across a variety of manufacturers and chemistries
  • Configuration options to maximize performance and minimize costs
  • Detailed specification analysis with a clear focus on application requirements

Primary Custom Battery Pack Safety Design Aspects

Do not subject your company and brand to undue risk by purchasing discount battery packs that could contain counterfeit cells or other hidden issues. These battery packs are not custom-built to your product’s exact specifications and do not provide the safety and quality that you and your customers have come to expect.

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we maintain strong relationships will all our suppliers, which equates to the highest quality, name-brand battery cells in the industry. Additionally, we will always work with you to develop the best performing battery pack with the best value proposition for your needs.

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Contact us for more information regarding how our Primary custom battery packs can improve your project’s portable energy needs. At Alexander Battery Technologies, our expert engineers can create a Primary custom battery pack to your exact specifications, with safety as an absolute priority.