Multi-bay charging solutions that are chemistry independent
Multi-bay charging solutions that
are chemistry independent
Call us today for your custom multi bay charging solution
Call us today for your custom
multi bay charging solution

Multi-Bay Custom Battery Chargers

Fully customizable multi-bay chargers allow multiple custom Lithium-Ion or Nickel-metal hydride battery packs to be charged simultaneously within the same charging unit. The multi-bay system allows for the charging of one or more battery packs without having to rotate battery packs throughout the charging process. Multi-bay battery chargers provide proven safety, security, and convenience that cannot be matched by off-the-shelf chargers.

Multi-Bay Custom Charging Technologies

Alexander Battery Technologies is a leading provider of fully customized multi-bay Li-Ion and Nickel-metal hydride battery charging systems. Our multi-bay custom battery chargers are specifically designed to support your custom battery pack specifications. Contact us for more information regarding our multi-bay custom battery charger concepts and technologies, or request a quote for further pricing details today.

The Smart Charger is an ATEL trademarked technology that utilizes exclusive IP interfaces to provide your custom battery pack with the best possible charging technology.

Multi-Bay Charger Custom Design Features

With built-in regulatory approvals and customized functionality that is ready for immediate use, Alexander Technologies manufactures multi-bay chargers with fully customized design options that meet your battery pack requirements. Some of the customized features that we can implement into your multi-bay custom charger include the following:

  • Unique cup designs
  • Optimized performance
  • Certified regulatory approvals
  • Programmed performance
  • Optimized performance (power, speed)
  • Failure report generation
  • LED reports
  • Battery system monitoring

Additionally, our multi-bay custom chargers can integrate algorithmic encryption codes, which means that your custom battery packs can only accept a charge from a compatible ATEL charger.

Custom Multi-Bay Charger Regulatory Approvals

Multi bay chargers not only provide intelligently designed customized charging capabilities but they also possess built-in regulatory approvals. When compared to off-the-shelf charging devices that provide low-scale non-customized charging proficiencies, Alexander Battery Technologies’ multi-bay charging cups provide a custom design based on your exclusive specifications.

Once operational, our custom chargers provide complete UL file listings regarding safety and product design standards and CB reports. At Alexander Battery Technologies, we manufacture our Li-Ion and Nickel-metal hydride multi-bay chargers that have regulatory approvals.

Multi-Bay Charging System Quick & Efficient Upgrade Capabilities

Multi bay smart charging systems for your Lithium-Ion and Nickel-metal hydride custom battery packs provide a smaller footprint when compared to single bay chargers. With one power cord and a single power source, multi-bay fully customized smart charging systems can be used to power and communicate with up to four battery packs. Additionally, our multi-bay chargers are purposely designed to allow for easy customization, when an upgrade to a new generation is necessary. By simply replacing the charging cups, your custom charging system can be upgraded to support your new line of custom battery packs.

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Alexander Technologies manufactures fully customized multi-bay charging devices that integrate with your Li-Ion or Nickel-metal hydride battery packs. Contact us today, and we will work with you to resolve your smart custom battery pack charging needs.