Custom Lithium Ion Battery Chargers

Expert engineers understand the best way to charger your LiIon battery pack
Expert engineers understand the best way
to charge your LiIon battery pack
Custom battery chargers designed and manufactured for your unique battery pack needs
Custom battery chargers designed and manufactured
for your unique battery pack needs

Custom manufactured Lithium-Ion battery chargers provide safe and reliable charging support for our Lithium-Ion battery packs.  Alexander Battery Technologies’ Lithium-Ion battery chargers are custom manufactured to precisely match the needs of your Lithium-Ion custom battery pack assemblies and can have full System Management Bus (SMBus) capabilities.

If you have specification requirements ready, please request a quote. For questions regarding our custom lithium-ion battery charger capabilities, please contact us.  We offer a full consultation, working with your design specifications to exceed your quality expectations and meet your Li-Ion battery charger performance needs.  

Lithium-Ion Custom Battery Charger Design Features

Whether it be single-bay or multi-bay, our Li-Ion custom battery chargers can be built to support your Lithium-Ion custom battery pack’s exact needs. With several design options, we can manufacture a custom Li-Ion battery charger that is just as unique as the battery pack that it supports. Some specific design features that we support include:

  • Linear power supply
  • Fault detection
  • Embedded charge design
  • Pack circuitry integration
  • Custom molded or fabricated enclosures
  • Synched battery pack & charger encryption
  • Multiple intelligent design functionalities

Custom Li-Ion Battery Charger Advantages

Alexander Battery Technologies provides fully customized turnkey Lithium-Ion battery charger solutions to support your custom Li-Ion battery pack needs. For over 40 years, we have emphasized product safety, quality design, and expert manufacturing. Our quality design and engineering experts can create Lithium-Ion battery chargers that are best suited to the OEM’s battery pack specifications. Alexander Battery Technologies focuses on providing the following turnkey solutions for our custom Lithium-Ion chargers: 

  • Exact, custom-fit design
  • No exposed wiring
  • Safe, solid & secure
  • Maximum capacity with minimum charge times
  • Intelligent design with SMBUS, I2C, and proprietary interfaces
  • Fuel gauging
  • Individual cell monitoring
  • Encryption authentication capabilities
  • Safety Certifications (IEC/UL 62133, UL2054, IATA UN38.3 and others globally)

Safe & Reliable Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Chargers

We work directly with your team to develop custom Lithium-Ion battery pack chargers that are safe and reliable. Our experienced engineers have the knowledge, and resources to custom manufacture a Lithium-Ion battery pack charger that will provide charging solutions based on the unique design specifications of your custom battery pack.

Innovative & Custom Designed Industrial Lithium-Ion Technology

Our Lithium-Ion custom battery chargers are designed to supplement the specific needs of your Lithium-Ion battery packs. Our chargers are custom designed to meet the power and features that are unique to your Lithium-Ion battery pack. Contact us for more information regarding how our Lithium-Ion custom battery chargers can supplement the power and support needs of your Lithium-Ion custom battery pack.

The Smart Charger is an ALEXANDER trademarked technology that utilizes exclusive IP interfaces to provide your custom battery pack with the best possible charging technology.

Custom Li-Ion and NiMh Battery Chargers Provide Enhanced Encryption Security

Lithium-Ion and NiMh custom battery packs are built to provide unique benefits that are tailored to your project’s specific requirements. When we manufacture our chargers, the same custom benefits are also programmed into the charger’s IP, providing a match that is exclusive to your battery pack and charger. This type of encryption safeguards your Li-Ion battery pack from damage resulting from the use of a generic or counterfeit charger.

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Chemistries and NiMh

Our custom manufactured Li-Ion battery and NiMh battery chargers based on our OEM customer’s performance, price, and reliability requirements. Our custom chargers can be designed to support multiple Lithium Ion cell chemistries as well as NiMh. These Li-Ion chemistries include:

  • LiCo
  • LiNMC
  • LiMn
  • (LFP, LiFePO4)
  • Li-Polymer

Customize Your Li-Ion Battery Pack Charger Today

If quality, intelligence, and product safety are design assets that describe your project requirements, then a fully customized Li-Ion smart battery charger from Alexander Technologies is what you need. Our Li-Ion smart battery chargers are custom designed to provide power and custom intelligence solutions to your exclusive custom Lithium-Ion battery packs. Find out about our Rapid Response Custom Power Solutions.

Contact us for more information on our custom Lithium-Ion battery chargers.

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