Custom Battery Pack Design for Industrial Applications

As a global battery pack manufacturer, Alexander Battery Technologies designs custom battery packs for industries including medical, test and measurement, aviation, defense, OEMs, and more. Our custom battery pack solutions include designs with a variety of chemistries, having the ability to manufacture custom battery packs that meet OEM specifications. The capabilities of our battery pack design expertise include manufacturing custom battery packs to IP level 65 and IP level 67.

Battery Pack Solutions for All Industries

  • Health and Personal Safety. Custom battery pack solutions for applications such as powered air personal respirators (PAPR), hearing protection equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), and safety lighting.
  • Medical Devices and Equipment. Our battery pack design expertise for medical devices and equipment includes applications like patient monitors, oxygen concentrators, artificial limbs, portable nebulizers, ventilators, and more.
  • Test and Measurement. Battery pack solutions we have designed for test and measurement applications include hand-held and bench oscilloscopes, oceanographic surveying and environmental monitoring, ultrasound and flaw detection devices, corrosion and radiation detectors.
  • Defense. Examples of custom defense battery packs include communication equipment, surveillance equipment, aerospace backup, night vision and laser technology, buoys and transponders.
  • Industrial Automation and Robotics. Custom battery pack designs for industrial automation and robotics include lawn care robotics, warehouse robotics, underwater unmanned robotics, and data acquisition equipment.
  • Aviation and UAV. Examples of custom battery pack designs for aviation and UAV include medical delivery UAVs, delivery UAVs, surveillance UAVs, and aviation backup batteries.
  • OEMs. Alexander Battery Technologies works with OEMs across all industries for custom battery pack power solutions. Our manufacturing and engineering services provide the efficiency, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness to get performance-built products on the market to meet industrial and commercial market demands.

Custom Battery Pack Design Experts

With a commitment to quality design and engineering, Alexander Battery Technologies understands the importance of having reliable, performance-built custom battery packs that meet OEM standards and market demands. Our custom battery pack design and development include:

  • Consultation Services. We offer full consultation services to move your designs from concept to reality. Our proven strategies and technological expertise can help build a custom battery pack that performs optimally for your application requirements.
  • Advanced Safety and Quality Standards.
    • Alexander Battery Technologies is ISO 13485:2016 certified and ISO 9001:2015 certified.
    • We include regulatory experts in our testing and certification to ensure we meet all industry and agency regulations to meet OEM requirements.
    • Our testing and certification labs provide evaluations for cell qualification, short circuits, impact resistance, altitude simulation, and design-specific compliance and certification that meet other safety standards.

Portable Battery Solutions for Your Application Needs

Work with the portable battery solution experts at Alexander Battery Technologies. Request a quote or contact us and get started on your custom battery pack project today.