Custom Battery Management System Solutions

Expert engineers design custom BMS solutions
Expert engineers design
custom BMS solutions
BMS designs for your demanding application
BMS designs for your
demanding application
Custom designs for your unique application
Custom designs for your
unique application

Custom battery management systems (BMS) are designed to incorporate your application’s specific needs into the functionality of the battery. Our custom BMS designs provide maximized performance, advanced reliability, and stringent safety standards.

Battery management systems can protect your devices from overcharging or discharging all while monitoring key functions such as temperature, state of charge, and cell balancing.

Alexander Battery Technologies can manufacture an innovative, customized battery management system built for your project needs. Contact us to learn more about our custom BMS technologies.

Industry-Leading Custom BMS Manufacturer

Alexander Technologies is an industry-leading provider of fully customized battery management systems. We can develop a custom BMS with design solutions that incorporate all necessary product features. We have the knowledge and capabilities to build a fully functional custom BMS based on your unique specifications. 

Quality Control for Custom Battery Management Systems

Our custom battery management systems are manufactured under stringent quality control processes and standards. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 custom battery pack manufacturer, we work with OEMs to ensure all custom BMS meet regulatory requirements.

We offer 100% testing for our custom battery management systems, verifying and validating performance and quality compliance.

Custom BMS Engineering & Design Strategies

Alexander Technologies continuously strives to manufacture custom battery management systems that are safe, effective, and provide absolute minimal failure rates. We create fully customized BMS systems that provide the custom capabilities that your product requires. We accomplish this by implementing the following design strategies: 

  • Cell chemistry analysis
  • Cell count requirements
  • Cell configurations

Custom Battery Pack Solutions

We are a global manufacturer of custom battery packs. Our custom battery pack solutions can be tailored to OEM specifications. Used across all industries and applications, custom battery packs offer a portable power solution for your application demands.

Mission Critical Custom Battery Management System Applications

Due to evolving safety standards and increased worker safety protection knowledge, providing safe products and work environments is increasingly important to industries throughout the world. Highly technological safety devices can be complex and require the use of custom BMS technologies that provide protection and device communication, as well as power.

Some of the mission-critical applications that benefit from a custom battery management system include:

  • Powered Air Personal Respirator (PAPR)
  • Self-Contained Breathing Appatatus (SCBA)
  • Chemical Detectors
  • Defibrillators
  • Medical devices

We can manufacture custom battery management systems for a wide range of industries. Our custom BMS consultation services ensure that your custom system meets your application and performance demands.

Fully Customized BMS Encryption Security Implementation

It is in a company’s best interest to not risk the damage of their name and reputation by utilizing counterfeit off-brand imitation batteries within their devices. To avoid this issue, Alexander Battery Technologies implements customized battery encryption within the BMS.

  • The encryption provides advanced protection against the use of dangerous, counterfeit battery packs within a device.
  • Once implemented within the BMS, encryption only allows the use of a battery pack from Alexander within your product.

Custom BMS Design Options

A fully customized battery management system from Alexander Technologies can include numerous design features that improve the overall functionality of your BMS. Available design customizations depend on your specific application requirements, but can include:

  • Fuel gauge integration
  • Battery Pack Protection
  • Full SMBus communications
  • High-quality safety protocols
  • On-board charger
  • Cell-balancing circuits
  • Safety circuit (PCM)
  • Encryption coding

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For more information regarding our custom BMS technologies and processes visit our Battery BMS page.

Alexander Technologies is an innovative provider of custom battery management systems for your direct application needs.

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