Expert designers with many years of experience
Expert designers with many
years of experience
Designs that are modern and energy efficient
Designs that are modern
and energy efficient
Designs that use the latest in technologies
Designs that use the
latest in technologies

Battery Pack & Charger Design

Primary and smart custom battery packs and chargers are designed to provide long-lasting power and charging capabilities for standard and custom applications. At Alexander Technologies, we design, engineer and manufacture custom primary and smart battery packs and chargers for your application’s exact specifications. Our knowledgeable engineers and battery experts can work with you to develop a battery pack and charger system that best suits your design needs.

Custom Battery Pack & Smart Charger Design Concepts

Contact us for more information regarding our standard and smart battery pack and charger design capabilities, including custom packs and chargers for Lithium-Ion, Nickel-metal hydride, and LiFePO4 chemistries.

The Smart Charger is an Alexander trademarked technology that utilizes exclusive IP interfaces to provide your custom battery pack with the best possible charging technology. 

Innovative Battery Pack & Charger Design Concepts

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we continuously strive to create custom battery packs and chargers that are safe and effective, with reliable customer service that is  best in the business. We create fully customized battery packs and chargers that provide the custom capabilities that your product requires. We accomplish this by implementing a variety of strategies which can include:

  • Analysis of cell options across a variety of manufacturers and chemistries
  • Configuration options to maximize performance and minimize costs
  • Detailed specification analysis with a clear focus on application requirements

ISO Certified Engineered Designs for Advanced Safety & Quality Standards

Providing our customers with the safest and most effective custom battery packs and chargers on the market is our top priority. Alexander Battery Technologies invests significant resources into acquiring the industry certifications that reflect our ongoing obligation to customer safety and product quality.

To reinforce this commitment to safety and quality, we are fully ISO certified and are up to date with the newest ISO requirements, including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. These standards are extremely well regarded throughout the industry and provide trusted quality assurances that garner respect throughout the industry.

Chemistry Design Concepts for Primary & Rechargeable Battery Packs

Alexander Battery Technologies designs and develops  standard and smart battery packs in a wide range of chemistries to suit your specific project needs. We can also manufacture custom chargers for any battery chemistry. Our engineers' design and produce custom battery packs in the following chemistries:

  • All LiIon Types & Chemistries
  • Li-Polymer
  • NiMh
  • NiCd
  • Alkaline
  • Primary Lithium

We have extensive knowledge in all Li-Ion and Nickel chemistries and provide consultation on the proper cell choices for most OEM applications. We also produce simple to highly complex designs with the ability to manufacture designs to IP 65 and IP 67 levels.

Battery Pack & Charger Consultation Services

To ensure the best possible experience from start to finish, we provide full consultation services that allow us to interweave our custom battery assembly expertise and experience with your specific design concepts. We can also deliver proven strategies to provide the technology and battery chemistry that is most appropriate for your unique battery and charger specifications. Find out about our Rapid Response Custom Power Solutions.

Contact Alexander Battery Technologies for Battery Pack & Charger Design Solutions Today

Contact us for more information regarding our primary and smart battery pack and charger solutions for your industrial and mission-critical devices. We have the capabilities to manage your project from beginning to end while providing insightful engineering and quality design control feedback.